Utopia Skala / Alto speakers anyone hear them both

Also curious if anyone has run conrad johnson lp140's or premier 140's through either of these speakers and had any luck with there sound. I'm just trying to see what I want to do to the system I am building. AAAHHH God help me!!!.

Thanks Mike.
Elviukai, I read another thread where you made reference to Tidal Contriva. How do these speakers compare? Prices are very different of course. But would be interested in your thoughts.
I have tried some and best works smooth amps, with softer highest frequencies (pass labs xa and ayre for example) thees two both features reduce minor flaws of theese speakers(IMHO) - a litle bit hint excessive freshness as well some of brightness and siblance with female voices as well as higher strings. its not good idea to mach them with agressive amp in midrange either. theese two factors can be adjusted by careful system selection. as for bass- its on the shy side- no amp we tried did miracle. its just not for punchy larger scale records.
it wont hurt smoother wires like VDH, i would avoid most upper Nordost line for example - theese speakers do not need setup that strenghteen transparency or resoliution or liveness in midrange and hights. in such combination its just throw too much details dictracting from enjoyement of recording performance. they reveal other sytem components much more than other speakers which is flaw I tthink - needs expensive equipment to setup. some others may consider its a bonus.
Do you know if Focal has any plans to come up with a speaker to insert between the Diablo and Scala? What is the minimum room size recommended for the Scala? Mine is 13'x20' will an opening to the dining room. Would that work?


Skala falls far from 4ohms maybe the amps you are proposing can't deliver?

Such low impedance needs high current amplifiers IMHO.
no plans as such at the moment I believe. scala would work in all(25-35m2) but very bass lean rooms IMHO, if you have expierence that some speakers sounds not so weighty in midbass in your room as in others places better arrange audition before purchuase.

scala falls to 3 ohm maestro fals to 1.6ohms. so this is not issue. we tried most amp which can deliver current to 1ohm - no significant changes in qty (in quality yes)

its not that Scala lack bass -its just too polite in acoustical well designed rooms. when comparing wilson wat puppy or sasha to scala there is significant diferent amount of low frequency energy, thought i must admit scalas bass note are clearer and better separated.but so is Maestro. so its just speakers nature- in less than perfect rooms with room mode in 60hz for example its will melt perfectly without any issues.