VAC Renaissance Signature Mk V versus Allnic L-7000?

I currently have an all digital system, with an MSB Discrete DAC running direct to a Pass Labs 250.8, with Wilson Audio Sabrina X's.  Having read in several places that a good preamp would be better than the DAC direct to the amp, I have been contemplating putting a good tube preamp in to get better soundstage, realism etc.  I am going to audition the VAC in my system on Monday.  However, the Allnic seems to be a great and unique preamp as well, but I have no way to audition one. Any thoughts on how these two excellent preamps compare and might work in my system?


I don't know where either of you ended up but I have an Allnic L – 7000 preamp

i've had it for about three weeks now and I've had some really good preamps from Conrad Johnson to pass labs and carry audio but this is by far the most amazing preamp I've ever heard the detail the holographic imaging n vocal realism is unmatched. I'm impressed beyond expectations.  Yes I've also spent about another thousand dollars on some really good tubes but it's paid off in spades

@jahatl513, that is certainly what others who have the L-7000 have said.  After watching several of them show up used, my local dealer lent me an ARC LS28SE to try out in my system.  Yes, it was slightly better than DAC direct, but the improvement was definitely small and certainly not worth $8K.  I then pulled the trigger on the VAC Renaissance Mk V with phono section, thinking that I would get more of a bump in performance and dust off my turntable and play my LP's.  Again, not a significant improvement over the DAC direct, but it did have the phono section.  Then I saw an ARC REF6 come up for sale, and got it at a good price and sold the VAC for what I paid for it. Looking at how long the Allnic's were for sale, I was concerned about resale which audiophilia nervosa next strikes me.  the ARC REF6 (and other units) really hold their value if bought on the used market. The REF6 was a very nice improvement to my system, gave everything that I wanted, and I prefer having a visible volume on the preamp (unlike the VAC and the Allnic).  So I am sticking with the REF6, and I'll never know the holographic wonders of the Allnic unfortunately.

Then, because the REF6 requires a 20 amp plug (C19), I couldn't use my regular power cords with it (Audience PowerChords, fantastic, FYI), and picked up a Shunyata Alpha NR V1 for it.  A significant improvement over the stock cord . . . so much so that I then replaced my Morrow Audio MA7 speaker cables with Shunyata Alpha v1's which again was a significant improvement.  I liked the MA7's and they were very reasonably priced, but the Shunyata's were a definitely different level (and of course, a lot more expensive).  Confirmation bias, synergy, mumbo jumbo, fairy dust . . . who knows?  I just know that my system sounds better than it ever has!  So I am a believer in Shunyata.  Plus they are so thick, I can beat an intruder with them, LOL!

I started with a used L-3000 and had no urge to change until a deal came up to sell/trade a Denafrips Terminator and cash for a L-7000.  Wow, didn't know what I was missing, just better in every way and both were holographic.

Reading the reviews comparing the L-7000 with the L-8000DHT left me wanting and I recently sold the L-7000 and purchased a L-8000DHT new.  Same thing but more and hard to describe.   There is something special going on with Allnic you need to hear to appreciate.

When I sold the L-7000 there were a few for sale at the same time, mine had the constant impedance attenuator.  I had several low ball offers and then a flurry of solid offers, it sold in about a month.