Van Den Hul interconnect cables from 90´s Vs new ones..any comparisons??

Hi dear fellows!
I have recently purchased a pair of Van Den Hul The First new old stock.They fit very well in my system.I use it between the Ead DSP 9000 Pro DAC and a Jadis Orchestra amplifier.Besides the good performance I experienced with these cables in my system, I was thinking in making an up-grade buying a pair of Van den Hul The Sea 3T Hybrid analogue interconnects.This new cables have a 4mm solid core conductor surrounded by a layer of L.S.C(line structured carbon).The screen is a combination of a dense braid of silver plated copper and 3T material.What do you think about these new cables?Has anybody compared these two cables?Any experiences will be more than welcome!Thanks in advance!Cheers!Raf