Van Den Hul The Third Speaker Cable, good choice?

I'm current use Accuphase DP100/ DC101 Transport and Dac, ARC Ls17 preamp, ARC Vm220 monos to drive Dynaudio S5.4 speaker. I'm trying many different kind of cable from bottom price to high. First used MIT Magnum MA 8ft and it sound dust on the top end for me. Then I change into Transparent Reference MM, it give me warm sound and dynamic base but not soft enough. Then a dealer from my country he send me 2 different cable Gryphon PSC and Harnomic Technology Reference Tweeter. The Gryphon sound too bright for me. Put in the HT, it sound more warm, soft, tighter base, dynamic but not too clear when vocal get to higher signal.

I'm going to read around all the forums and I found this cable Van Den Hul the Third. I'm currently using VDH power cable and IsoClean power conditioner(new version) which made by VDH wire inside.

But, I have no experience of VDH cable. Specially for these metal fee with fully LSC (Linear Structured Carbon). But a lots people said on all forums that this cable is very good for tube amp to drive speaker like mine. There is one guy actually used a tube amp to drive Dynaudio C5 with this cable and he said that is perfect match.

Please give me advise


Long Nguyen