Vandersteen 2 surrounds still good after 30?

I am looking to get a pair of Vandersteen Model 2s. From what I can tell they where made in 1977. The seller tells me that they sound great but I am guessing that the surrounds are gone. They would have to be after 30 years….right?

How much would it cost to have the surrounds replaced and or can I do this myself. Places like parts-express sell surrounds repair kits. I did this to an old subwoofer and it was very easy.
I don't believe so but best to call Vandersteen and ask. How much is he asking for them. They should be no more than $300.

Here is the series 2 timeline:

1977 – Vandersteen Model 2 debuted
1979 – Vandersteen Model 2a
1980 – Vandersteen Model 2b
1980 – Vandersteen Model 2c - last model using perishable foam surrounds
1989 – Vandersteen Model 2ci - 1st model using butyl rubber surrounds
1992 – Vandersteen Model 2ce
2000 – Vandersteen Model 2ce signature
2007 – Vandersteen Model 2ce signature II

If the speakers you are looking at are before the 2ci model, then they probably will need new surrounds.
FYI, you have an error in your series 2 time line.

Apparently Vandersteen changed over to rubber surrounds some time during the 2c model run, so the 2c is the 1st model to use rubber surrounds. Some of the early serial numbers 2c have foam surrounds but later serial numbers 2c have rubber surrounds. My 2c #17750 and #17751 have rubber surrounds. On ebay someone parted out a pair of 2c with serial # 13620 and 13621 and the pictures clearly show rubber surrounds on both the 8’ woofers and the 10” active acoustic coupler. The auction # respectively are 171293055693 dtd 13 May 2014 and 301192896288 dtd 26 May 2014.

If anyone else has a pair of model 2c with rubber surrounds, can you post your serial number so we can figure out at what serial number the change over occurred?

Wow, I did a search and this is the info what I was looking for (w/ the surrounds). Too add to this thread, anybody know the chronology on the midranges and tweeters for 2c/2ci/2ce?

I have read the Stereophile reviews and it's still not clear. For the 2ci the review says that the midrange was upgraded but it does mention a tweeter upgrade. I remember reading that the 2ci is the model that Rich changed to a (3/4"?) metallic tweeter from the textile tweeter of the 2c. According to the 2ce review he switched from a 3/4" tweeter to a 1" tweeter after the first batch. So if that first batch had the same tweeter than what else was changed from the 2ci????

I currently own the 2c's and love them, but I'm considering an upgrade to a later model. The only other model I tried with my own system/room is the 2CE sig II's. All things considered I preferred my 2C's!

Thanks for any info.