Vandersteen 2CI speakers

Does any one use Vandersteen 2CI speakers? Wanted to know ideal placement and do they produce enough lows not to require a subwoofer?
I have 2Cs, they should produce low enough to not need a sub, but it will depend on your room. You can download the manual on their website, it has detailed information of placement suggestions.
Also I know they require a strong amp to power them. I'm running a set of Electron Kinetics Eagle 400 monoblocks. But I notice that the volume knob is at 12 clock before I get really good volume out of them .
Try reading the Manual which gives you the 1/11th 1/9th
1/7th 1/5th placment grids into the room.
Measure from the wall behind speakers to the top center of the 2CI
for example if your room is 14 x 18 and you are on the short wall playing into the 18 ft is 216 inches divide by 7 is 30.85 inches from the wall behind speakers to the top center of the speakers
now do the same for side wall placment with what ever works one 9th 7th or 5th to center of speaker
once you find a good spot level the speakers (( side to side)) bubble level on top adjust spikes to level and snug.
Next Take a laser place it on top of speakers, shoot it to the wall just behind your seat
now adjust the back spike on the stand so that
both speakers are tilted back the same
A sharpie pen and a couple post it notes work well for this once you are on the same parallel line with both speakers snug up the nut on the bases.
now sit in your chair expieriment by sitting high on a pillow then without and then slouching with you head low where you back was in the chair.
wherever it sounds best aim tilt both speakers to sound best for you normal seating position.
Best JohnnyR