Vandersteen 2WQ vs Martin Logan Depth

My 2-Way monitors have Accuton drivers and are very fast and high resolution. I am looking for a fast, musical and accurate subwoofer.

I have tried the REL R35 and B&W ASW 750, but these subwoofers were slow, and were not able to match my speakers' speed and resolution.

After doing some research, I have filtered down to Vandersteen 2WQ and Martin Logan Depth (or Depth i). I am open to other suggestions also.

Which of these subwoofers are fast, and which one do you think will blend better with my speakers.
they are different, the Vandersteen is a music only, don't really do much to help with LFE effects no matter how you hook it up. Martin logan is excellent on movies and music, but not as musical, but it's a toss up.

I think the Velodyne DD15 is the best musical sub I have heard. I currently have an SVS PC Ultra, which is incredible for HT but needed a Velodyne SMS-1 system to tune well for music.

I have never had a JL Sub in my system, but they are universally loved.
Thank you for your response, Macdadtexas. I am looking for a subwoofer that is great for music in my 2- channel setup. The Velodyne DD-15 is out of my budget. I will check the JL subs as per your recommendation.

More suggestions welcome, Audiogoners.
Since you've asked for more suggestions ... I've not heard the 2WQs but have heard the ML Depth when I was evaluating subs for my 2-channel music system. I found the ACI Titan XL more musically satisfying than the ML (or others I heard including REL, B&W, Klipsch, etc.) I played bass heavy music with mains off for evaluation. The Titan sounded most musical to my ears.
The 2Wq is a different breed of animal in that it hooks quite differently than other subs. It hooks to the outputs of your amp and tracks the signature of it. The amp is receiving a rolled off input from the included x-over. Your amp is only producing a musical signal that rolls off the lows below 100 hz. This allows your amp to work much more efficiently and sound better. The full description can be found on the Vandersteen website. I have found that the 2Wq integrates quite seemlessly into my system. More so than anything else I've listened to. You really don't even know it is there until you play something with incredibly deep bass and by then the walls will be rattling!
I just added a single 2Wq to my Vandy 3A Sig's yesterday and WOW what a difference. I have to agree with Donwass65 they don't contribute that much to the sound until you get something with low information. It fills in a lot of information to a double bass, I also noticed that it really helps to bring out the reverberation of the venue in which the recording was made. This could be from the cleaner information coming from the mains I'm not sure but one thing for certain if you get the 2Wq make sure you get the X-5 crossovers (the one for the Quattro and the 5A's) they make a huge difference in the sound that comes from your mains. I tried both yesterday and the X-5 is a lot more transparent than the the WX-2
lg316b, are you considering a 2nd 2wq? It gets better still - not more "bass", but even better soundstaging and midrange clarity. The 3As with 2wqs were the best integrated mains/subs I have heard - usually I am quite disappointed in subwoofer integration but Vandersteen has seemed to work it out, at least with his speakers.
Did you compare one versus two? I think the improvement would suprise those currently using one - a great match with the 3As, I assume the 2Ces as well.
Glad to hear you are up and running with your 2 Vandersteen 2WQ Subs.......
One other thing I would like to add
The leveling of our Main speakers and 2WQ subs.
Placing a level on top of speakers and check for proper Front to back and side to side level adjustments, tighten lock nuts and check again till perfect.
Best John
Gentlemen sorry for the late reply but been busy with my system. Yes I plan to add an aditional 2Wq to my system I just need to allow my FUNd money to build back up. Two 2Wq's have been in my plan all along, just figured I would take the plunge and try one to insure I liked the results before I lay down that much cash. Plus the holiday season is just around the corner so it will be sometime after Christmas. But yes just as soon as heard the results from just one I knew another 2Wq was in the near future without question.

I agree with you I think you posted this suggestion about leveling in someone else's post, I tried it and it works wonders for the soundstage. I haven't had the chance to try it with the sub but hay what can it hurt. Thanks for the advise.

Let us know what you decide and keep us posted on your results afterwards.
Happy Listening.
I agree with you I think you posted this suggestion about leveling in someone else's post, I tried it and it works wonders for the soundstage. I haven't had the chance to try it with the sub but hay what can it hurt. Thanks for the advise.))
When you add in the 2nd sub your in for a bigger treat than Halloween.
Make sure that all mains and Subs are both spiked and leveled properly and try and keep the main system and Subs on the Same AC Breaker circuit or Phase.
For tilt back use a laser on top of each speakers to front wall this works well
I presume you have Set the High pass to work best with your main amps Input Imp but try this again after you have done all of the above and adjust level and contour one ch at a time to preference.
Cheers John