VANDERSTEEN model 2CE Signature...or ...SNELL Type D ?

I have to make room and keep only one set of speakers.
Hard to decide...they both sound good.
Using McCormack HT3 Amp and PAT 1 Pre amp.
Your opinion please.
The Type D where my first "audiophile" speaker years ago.  Still have them and they are in regular rotation.  For what I paid, probably the best purchase I have made yet.  Haven't heard the 2ce in my room but from what I remember they are a bit softer sounding than the Type D.  Finally got around to bi-amping them recently and it was a revelation.  Like a whole new speaker but in a good way! 

+2 for the Snell.  Consider this, you will get more $ for the Vandys when you sell.  Take the money and get a good amp with built in crossover to bi-amp the Snells. 
Thank you all for your opinions....The verdict:
I am keeping the SNELLS.
There is just something about them that I like better.


Hey Rocky, did you end up keeping the Snell Type D?  I have a pair of Vandy 2ce sig II in my room right now and have been comparing them to my Type D.  Man it is a tough decision.  I like the Vandy imaging but they seem a bit 'dry' for lack of a better term.  They also need to be played pretty loud do open up. 

Did you ever figure out what you liked better about the Snells?