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Finally upgrading my amp
I'll second a used Hegel integrated.  The highest up the chain you can afford.  Hard to beat IMO. But, I am biased, I own the H360.  If you can up your budget just a little....... 
Lifting the Christmas veil
Wow, that's awesome!  I wish the wifey would surprise me with a nice piece of gear.  But then she would know how much this hobby costs and I would be sleeping in the dog house! 😂😂😂 Congrats, and happy holidays!  
Musical subwoofer under $2000
@sparksgja  Look used for better value.  There is an ad here on Agon for a pair of S/510 for $2,700.00 (located in Chicago).  I know, above your stated budget but maybe you could up the budget a little bit and make an offer.  Then you get two of ... 
Opinions about Daniel Hertz
Should I assume you watched the video from Adrian at Audio Excellence Canada?  I've always considered ML stuff quite expensive but what do I know.  Many folks swear by it.  I've considered a few used items in the past but eventually to rich for my... 
Do you adjust your subwoofer
I have a separate set-up for movies with a cheap sub that works just fine.  I never touch it.   But, I am an occasional tweaker of my REL t9/x sub in the main system.  First, it depends on what speakers I am using at the moment.  If the Snell Typ... 
Tubes for Rogue Audio Perseus Magnum Preamplifier
@topten  I know this is a very old thread but I am in the same boat right now and wondering what you came up with.  Thanks  
What do/did you do for a living?
@ozzy  Thanks for the kind words!    
How easily can you distinguish between different DACs?
@audiodwebe  Like you, I have not heard many dacs. Started with a Jolida glass dac and it really didn't sound any better than my MacBook. Bought a Bluesound and started streaming with that. Heard a slight improvement to my ears. Then on to a Dena... 
What do/did you do for a living?
Fun and interesting thread! I’m a plant guy for the last 30 years. Grower, garden center manager, now landscape designer/sales for the last 16 yrs. I’m 57 and was hoping to retire at my current position but landscaping is a crap show these days w... 
Another Golden Ear test.
Geez, is there alcohol involved in many posts lately?  I think I need some more whiskey to catch up to the OP.  
What was your first record?
Cheap Trick Live at Budokan Played on my ultra low end TT/8 track combo unit.  Can't remember the brand to save my soul!  
Taxation using PP G&S
Thanks for all of the responses.  You guys are great.  Sounds like with the small time stuff I deal with there should be no problems.   Regards  
Does it make sense to "ignore low ball offers"?
If the offer is not totally low-balled I will usually try to negotiate.  But, I always respond just to be polite.  Are low-ballers a PITA?  Sure, but being polite is pretty easy.  I always try to remember and take the high road so to speak.   Cas... 
Odyssey Audio Kismet Mono Blocks
@soix  Thanks for the info.  I will look into Liberty.  
Matching the cartridge to the phono stage
@ajones82  I was like you a couple of years ago.  Wanted to get into vinyl again but had no idea.  Back in the day I just put a record on and dropped the needle!  Never knew there was so much to learn.  Still don't know much about the specs, numb...