Vanderstten 2CE sig 1 verses PSB silver i

Has anyone ever compared the Vandersteen 2CE sig 1 verses the PSB Stratus Silver i.  I am using mid 90s NAD with AP Oval 9s.  I am trying  the Vanderteens for now and had a pair 10 years ago as well as two pairs of 2CEs at various times.  I swear the 2CE sig 1 is a little more open but the regular 2CE has a  better sound, a different tone  Maybe I am wrong as I do not have them side by side by but my memory has proven to be very accurate. Thanks
The Vandys mate well w/ NAD and Roetal gear. They offer a very pleasing sound, w/o being critical. Yes, the sig upgrade offers a different tone from the stock model.
(((I am using mid 90s NAD with AP Oval 9s.)))

A few thoughts
A    Were you in the same room?
  if new room try 1/7th in from wall behind speakers and 1/9 from side walls measure from dead center of speakers, this particular set up allows decent room optimization.

B  Are both your speakers now set up with proper and exact same tilt back laser checked?
 once you try the above measure the speakers distance from tweeter to tweeter and  make sure you listening chairs and ears are withing the  same triangle x 1.25

C  Were you using Oval 9s back in the ninety's?
      or maybe Audioquest back then?
 Perhaps you may have to go backwards to go forward?

D  Take a laser from your ear and find the first reflection points by sliding a mirror on the side wall and shining the laser at the mirror until it reflects on the the speakers tweeter then put a small tapestry plant or diffusion there to maximize performance.
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