JM Reynaud Bliss Jubilee's vs JM Reynaud Bliss Silver's

The JM Reynaud Bliss Silver's are very fine monitors and I was wondering if anyone has compared them to the new JM Reynaud Bliss Jubilee's. Thank you.
Thank you for the reply jackd. Bob is a very intelligent and honest guy, but I wanted opinions from audiophile/music lovers. The Bliss Jubilee's have just been released in the US so it might be some time before I get feedback. 
Have you heard/owned the Bliss Silvers?

It's odd to me that they sell the Bliss Jubilee for less than the most recent MSRP for the Bliss Silvers - gotta wonder where they shaved costs. 
I own the Bliss Silver's and they are excellent. It is a little strange that the Bliss Jubilee retails for less than the Bliss Silver, but there could be a good reason for this like improved efficiency etc.