Vandy 2CE versus Hales 3

Thinking of upgrading my Vandys, they are not the sig. Will I get a real noticebale difference with the Hales 3. Any other suggestions also appreciated. Plan on spending around 2500. Thank you. Rick
In a recent comparison of the Vandersteen 2CE Signature to the Hale Revelation 3 I chose the Hales. The Hales cost $500 more than the Vandies, but are worth the difference. Splid bass, nicely balance sound, less laid back, the Hales suited my tastes better. In my estimation the Hales were also the only speaker in their price range (I auditioned quite a few) that just plain didn't do anything glaringly wrong. It's hard to go wrong with Vandersteen, though, and I came very close to buying the 2CE Sigs. It's a tough choice, so listen to both before deciding.
i never heard the vandy but i have hales rev 3.i'am very happy with them incredible bass and the highs are as natural as you can get in that price range.but you will need power.i read some place that paul hales voiced them with anthem 40 watt tube amp.i used to have a kinergetics kba 75 class a amp it was very sweet but no juice i changed to a aragon 8008 bb and it was as a door had been open the hales sounded twice as big in every aspect and the sweetness was still there.i'am in love with them and would only trade for something far more expensive .
I have the Revelation 3 speakers in a 22k system and they do an incredible job in all areas .Well matched top components and top speaker, power and interconnect cables allow them to really show off.I would have to spend considerable more (which I am not prepared to do for now)at least 5-6 k in the used market ,to appreciate a noticeable improvement.Read the reviews at audio review and disregard the 3 or 4 low scores entered by idiots.Reading them will prove my point.Also read the review at audio revolution. Happy hunting.