Vandy quatro vs Vandy 5’s

I have a question, right now on a’gon are a used pair of quatros for $4700 and a used pair of vandy 5’s for $5400. Would you say the extra $700 for the 5’s would be worth it? How would you describe the difference in sound between the two? Thanks.

Joe in Mobile
A slight variation on a common theme.

For this delta in price, the 5s seem like a better idea. OTOH, both of these speakers bark up substantially the same tree and - to my ear- sound quite similar, so long as:
the program material/room size does not require the 5's superior deep bass capability. That would be almost always, IME.

While the 5s do have other advantages over the Qs, the difference isn't dramatic and the latter are really very good speakers in their own right. So why not save the $?

Because the 5s at that price are a better deal. IMHO, if you can get the price on the Qs down about another $700-$1K, you'll have a real decision on your hands.

Shipping from Canada (Quatro's) vs New York (5's) !!!! At this price there are a pair of Wilson Sophia 1's in FL for $6000, I realize I'm prejudice but I did own 3A Sigs with a pair of 2Wq's, a combo that is very similar to the 5's before I bought the Sophia 1's.
As some have pointed out exactly what Quattro and I assume the reqular 5 and not the 5A.

But I think the following can be said: The built in "subs" of the 5s are better than the Quattros. I think the 5s 7 inch bass/low mid driver is better than whats used in the basic quattro. Does even the best Quattro use that driver at this point? I also think the cabinet of the 5 performs better than that of the Quattro.

700 bucks matters, but I think it does get you more if you can swing it. Also as pointed out, size of room could be a significant factor. Another thing, find out how old the 5s are, they have been in production for a quite a while. I believe they have had various small improvements over the years with no model change.


To get a pair of Model 5's for $5400 is certainly a great deal.

But if anything goes wrong with them at some point in time, I can only imagine what a tremendous hassle it would be to get those things serviced.
Like the Quattros are way easier to service or they are way more reliable vs the 5s...what is the point?

The Quattro is plenty big and heavy and since several drivers and the bass amps are variations of same are down the same road for the most part.