speaker cable connectors for Vandy5As/Ayre 5vxe

I'm getting audioquest KJs and was curious which connector everyone recommended. I'm thinking the smallest silver ones all around. Thoughts?
The 5A's have non-standard screw terminals. Make sure that Audioquest knows you are connecting 5A's. ..just as a friend, I have 5A's and am using all Ayre (K1xe, V1xe,C5xe). I agree that Audioquest is a good match... I think Anti-Cables is a better match. I compared the Sky and Everest to the Anti-Cables...they sounded pretty much alike but Anti-Cables edged them out..my wife thought so too. The price difference is astronomical. You might just check out the Anti-Cables before you plunge into Audioquest. They have a money back guarantee.
Concur with Stringreen about the Anti-cables.They are surprisingly clear and the price is unmatched in recent history,good luck,Bob
Do you know that Joe Kubala has Vandy 5A at his home, and he sure uses his top of the line Emotion cables.