Vapor Sound Audio/tons of Value for $$$$

I've spoken to Ryan a few times and he has always been upfront and very nice to me. What I find with his speakers is he doesn't do what many others do. Example Stiff Breeze..speaker cost somewhere around 2400 and he has spent on parts close to half of that which is insanely good for the customer. Typically, speaker companies spend 600 for that same 2400 speaker. He doesn't cut corners and from a business point of view, isn't as profitable as he should be. He puts too much into speakers and doesn't charge enough. He also is a custom shop, he will add things depending upon what you want and listening tastes. I purchased the lsa statements and they are good speaker..then Terry London did a review on Stiff Breeze and it was quite better then my Lsa's. I am selling my LSA"s and was and still am leaning ref 3 a mm de capo's..but Ryan and is insane value he offers has me in a tug of war. If you want a great speaker in the 1700-5K range I'd strongly recommend you contact him to discuss options.
For my perspective on the issues Vapor faces as a smaller, growing company, see my review of the Nimbus White at
And while you're at it, ask Mr Schroeder if he has ever taken delivery of the Vapor Joules he ordered some 10 months ago. I asked a couple months ago but was not favored with a reply.
I thought I was the only one that new Mr. Schroeder was expecting his custom built Vapor Joules. I also recently asked him how he was enjoying them. No response.....
Maybe he is sworn to secrecy???
Have not heard nor do I own Vapor speakers, but I find there speakers to be cutting edge in looks and design. Vapor also has a loyal following of happy customers.

For me with the recent price increases,the extended wait times and lack of communication is enough for me to stay away.

I would suggest Selah Audio (I do own) and Salk Sound (considering to purchase) as viable alturnative to Vapor. Both are well established and also offer great value to price without all the unneeded drama.

I'm sure Vapor will work out all the kinks and be very suscessful.
Let's not forget the sound in all of this. In my experience, Vapor, Salk and Selah all sound pretty different. which is best is a matter of personal preference.