Velodyne MiniVee hook up

HELLO Everyone
I was thinking to add Sub to Focal XS Book PC speakers.
What would be the best way to do this.
Is this right way: Mini 1/8 from computer to RCA on Sub
and from Sub RCA to RCA on Focals or I should use HI LEVEL
1/8 input on Focals. Am I going to get good sound. Just to
mention that Focals XS Book speakers sound good, way better
than some larger bookshelf speakers.
Hi, I,ll take a shot. I bought a minivee at goodwill for $25.00. Hooked it up to an old yamaha 840. At the right speaker connection on the receiver I twisted two pieces of speaker wire together with one going to the minivee and one to the right Europa monitor. Do the same at the left connection. Seems to work, the only way I could do it short of purchasing long ic,s. regards, Dave
Mini to RCA's. Then to sub RCA input. Then sub RCA output to Focal's. You may have to adapt the RCA's back to a mini plug in the last step.