Very Interesting Audio Website

Hi gang-
Here's a chance to have some fun. Visit the "Stereos Of The Rich And Famous" website at:
He's not selling anything, just looking for input about the pros & cons of Hi-fi. You can post a comment if you want, but just reading what others have posted will give you an idea of the varied opinions about our chosen hobby.
Happy reading!
How in the world did you find this site? I read every word (up to the reviews) so can't fault it for being boring. But,does he get a commission for every hit on the sites he mentions? Great reading! Very nice, though biased (aren't we all?), review of the basics. Thanks for pointing it out.
Anybody beside me want to see the picture of the Soundlabs from the other side? Just wondering what kind of cables he uses ;~)
Swampwalker, he uses Colossis on top. I don't know what he uses for the bottom, it's not gotten it out of the box yet.