Video shielding for rear projection TVs?

I am thinking about buying a widescreen set, but room constraints will dictate that my speakers be pretty close to the set. I have a standard, tube set right now, and putting the speakers any less than a foot away causes problems. If I leave the speakers where they are, and put the projection set in the old TV's place, the new set will be about 4 inches away from the speakers. Is the effect of unshielded speakers (I have Paradigm reference 100s) different for tube and rear projection sets? Thanks in advance for any advice.
That depends - if your rear projection set uses CRT's then there will absolutely be a problem just as on a "tube" If it uses LCD's then there will not be a problem. The distance you are talking about would definitely cause a problem with CRT''s, although the interaction of the magnet and CRT does depend on the size of the magnet used in the speaker's drivers. But typically you need a couple of feet of distance if the speaker has reasonably large magnets.
you may be able to wrap mu-metal around the speakers' magnets in order to shield their magnetic fields from the video display
Keeping in mind that RPTVs still use 3 CRTs for projecting video... The RPTV could help solve the issue depending on the size... The 3 CRTs are in the center of the box, and depending on the size of the TV, it may place the CRTs further away from your speaker than they are now.. When you shop, you can look in from the back of the TV and see where they are positioned.. You could also buy from a dealer with a no questions asked refund policy and return the TV if it doesn't work out... My 65" has a full 18 inches of space from the edge of the cabinet to where the guns are located...
I got my TV and things are fine. I have about a 10 inches on either side of the set and no magnetic interference. Thanks for the advice. By the way, in the interim when waiting for the new TV to be delivered, I took the old set out of the room -- leaving no large object between the L and R speakers. The improvement in the soundstage was quite noticeable. I certainly now believe that the addition of a TV monitor does compromise one's sound reproduction!
The 3 crts HAVE to be in the middle--of all sets.

If you are just listening to music/no tv: throw a comforter over the tv--does wonders. It's not just the size of the set;it's the sound bouncing off that large plastic surface.