Vienna Acoustics New Line

I have always been quite taken by the appearance and build quality of Vienna Acoustics speakers. However, I've found the smaller ones somewhat dark and a bit "cloudy" sounding, but otherwise quite musical. The news ones, especially the stand mount Haydens in maple, look gorgeous. Has the sound signature changed with the new cabinets, drivers, etc? My local dealer makes it quite difficult to borrow for home audition. I would love to just have the Haydens in my bedroom system for appearance sake alone.
I listened to the Haydn's last Fall and I think they are a very good sounding speaker. I am using a pair of Paradigm Studio 40 v.3's with Musical Fidelity a3.2 integrated amp and a3.2 cd player. I was thinking to replace the Paradigm's with the Haydn's. Due to my room arrangement I need to stay with a standmount speaker. I was just not sure the Haydn's 6.5 in. mid-bass driver can fill my room (18x13x8) with the sound that the Paradigm's 7 in. mid-bass along with a 7 in. bass driver can. For my listening tastes- jazz, classical, acoustic guitar, some rock- the Haydn's have a better sound than the Paradigm's. BTW I listened to the Haydn's with Musical Fidelity's A3.5 integrated amp and a3.5 cd player to give me a realistic idea of what the Haydn's would sound like with my current electronics. The jury is still out.
Another speake in that price range that sound exceptional for it's size is the Revel Performa M22. I purchased a full set of the Performas and the F32's were on back order so I used the M22 for fronts in order to break them in and I was so pleased with their performance that I considered cancelling the F32 order. Of course once I received the F32's and they broke in I am glad I got them. But the M22 sounds unbelievably good for their size. I beleive in a smaller room such as a bedroom the bass would be adequate.