Vincent SV 236 evolution

I've been looking for seversl months for an integrated amp to replace the Accuphase E-205 that i bought in 1987. Ive recently upgraded speakers to the GoldenEar Triton 3's and added a digital front end Oppo SDAC3 for hi-resolution digital Tidal streaming. I plan to still use a Linn Sondek LP12 with Linn K5 cartridge for LP playback. 

Based on my online research, it looks like a used Vincent SV 236 may give me the best amp/pre-amp audio quality solution for the money (< $1,500). So here's my question: what are the differences between the 236, 236 MK, and the 236 MK II?  I dont believe any have a phono input, but most of the reviews i've read online include discussions on how the amp performs playing LP cuts (and the dont mention outboard phono pre-amps as associated equipment). 
The 236 was only 100 WPC into 8 ohms, the 236 MK is 150 WPC into 8 ohms. Not sure what changed internally to make that jump.

I believe the 236MK and MKii are just referring to the same thing (there is only one MK model after the 236, it’s just called a Mark II version of the 236).

There’s no phono input, only 6 single ended inputs.  Vincent sells a separate phono stage that's supposed to be very decent.

A good friend of mine has been using the 150 watt version for years and it sounds fabulous, although I've been bugging him to try other tubes in the front end. At the levels he listens to I doubt it ever gets past the claimed "Class A for the first 10 watts" output, but who knows? I own a Kavent S33 balanced preamp that's a work of astonishing quality, and for reasons I find mysterious is simply a re-badged Vincent (even says "Vincent" on a circuit board). Dual mono with 2 isolated transformers (in a shielded third of the chassis), fully balanced, thick aluminum all around…and, luckily, it sounds great.  I would only replace it with a tube preamp maybe, but every upgrade I make in my rig seems to serve to show how good it actually is.