Vintage Rek o Kut, GATES, GRAY,RUSSCO turntable rebuilds ??

I am thinking of rebuilding some old transcription style turntables for use with mostly old mono records, maybe some 78's,   I'm interested in what some peoples methods are and the quality of some parts like idles and replacement parts......I would like to hear from people that have actually done the work, not somebody who has nothing constructive to offer ..............THANKS
Look at my little page. There is a Russco in a heavy oak plinth. I usually keep 6-10 different units around. I like Sparta, and QRKs too. They are all close and many parts interchange. The Harris CB500 are great. My personal favorite all time, (money is not an issue). EMTs, and Fairchilds..

BUT, more economy minded. The Russco, QRK, Sparta.. I call them "Garrard KILLERS".. WHY? Because they are.. With minimal maintenance. 2, 3 speed. They will be here when my great grandchildren get old, and were already here sense I was a kid.. A gear shifter.. LOL I always use to chuckle.. A gear shifter...

The difference between a Broadcast and Transcription is the number of speeds. That is what an old fellow told me.. The Britts, use to say it was good enough to "Transcribe", the information.. like speeches and that sort of stuff..

Broadcast stuff. Common tonearm Micro Trac 303.. Wonderful tonearm..
Heavy MM carts.

I worked at a machine shop that actually did repairs for TTs as kid. Russco, QRK, Sparta and Rek-O-Kut. There are a few things you can do.. Silicone the platter underside. (Ring like a bell), Different motor mounts, ball bearing replacement, use a velvet, or a black sapphire.. Micro polish the axel .. Motor blueprint.. There is a FEW things you can do and NOT spend a fortune.. Lot of fun..

I’m thinking of doing a pair, side by side for the final look in my rooms, Art Deco look, Black, Chrome, hammer peen finish. Of course a Tricked out Micro Trac.. and SMEs for some serious deck and table time.. Que um up, flip the switch, BAMB...

I’m a big Thoren TD121 and 24 fan too.

There is a Garrard 401 around here somewhere.. You should see the two side by side...BUT both work the same way. Rim drives.. like the look of the old Garrards. Zero 100.. Cool look, ugly performer..WoW that's bad, BAD..
Look cool though. 

Well I'm very happy with my first response on this forum, I will try and contact you by phone at some point if you don't mind.....At this point I have about 10 of these turntables....I have 5 micro-trak arms, one is brand new.....I have several of the Gray Research arms...Will.
I love um.. Just a ton of fun..

To me a TRUE gem in the rough.. There are a couple dual motor drive units too, I gotta brush up a little too. I can't remember, Might be EMT or Fairchild.. Big 16-21" platters.  Personally TOO big, for me..  I need to get after it.. Just too many projects.. 

Stair flats.. great plinth material, I'm adding Queen Anns to the one on my little page, just like the speakers.. A little different "Theme".. Wife like it a bit more..

I enjoy modifying Gates CB-77 tables.  I like the CB-77 as it is a 12" version of the CB-500.  Same motor and mechanicals.  Gates has an inner hub on the platter that the idler connects with as opposed to outer rim drive.  This allows for a motor that only turns at 600 rpm (much slower than a garrard 301.  They are built like a tank and fairly easy to get everything running smooth and quiet.  I ad a 12"tone arm and mount it off of the factory plinth and onto a very heavy plinth ( doug fir at present) that is supported by rock solid isolation feet.  This formula results in a deck that is superior to my 301 and td124 projects of the past.  Plus, it's tons of fun and very attractive.  Good luck.

Say OP how is the Gray Tonearm.. I'm interested.... What do you think of them?..  What about the 16" TA....  I like EMT 912st, so cool looking, SOTA all the way..

If it wasn't so cold I'd be tinkering right now. Inside projects.. right now..

schiss, a Haris CB 500 is petty cool to, I like all the old ones.

Collins too, I forgot.

I'm thinking pull out drawers, like bleachers..  Three X 3 should do.LOL
3 TT per drawer. Sure be different.. Just drop a newbie in a slot...Mix and match..

I sure like the EMT 912st though.

I had a Fairchild 750, it got nicked.. I WAS SICK... Just fell in love with it.. I had made a 200+ lb oak plinth. GONE... Did leave the cables though...

Do any of you know the difference between a CB-500 and a CB-100 Gates other than the year ??

I didn't read it , but there seemed to be a lot of info on the
Gates CB 11-500. I'll give it the once over..


Hello, I know this is an old post,but I need an Idler rim/rubber replacement,mine is out of round it works but makes annoying sound,any help please to buy one.Thank you