Vintage Thorens motor replacements/substitutes

Hello all,

Recently, I have undergone a Thorens TD160 MKI restoration project and am in need of a replacement motor. I found a TD166 MKII motor locally and am not sure if its suitable for use in a TD160 MKI. To the best of my knowledge, the motor used in the TD125 and perhaps TD126 turntables is the same as used in the TD160 series but I have had no luck sourcing these motors individually.

I am also curious if anyone knows of a company who produces or supplies replacement motors for vintage turntables, especially vintage ones such as Thorens, AR, ect...

Thanks to everyone for your input in advance.

Keep an eye out for Ebay..They do occasionally come up..Usually in the $50 range...
This is your website. if you do not know it :
Go to Origin Live web site. They offer interesting upgades for Thorens tables including 12 volt motor conversions and speed controllers