Vinyl accessories reviews

If one does an Internet search on this topic, either there are reviews of only a few items frequently, or no reviews at all on many items that appear to be potentially useful. So, I thought I'd ask my fellow A'goners--what are your favorite vinyl accessories and why? I'm particularly interested in dry, table-side record brushes, static-removing devices, and stylus gauges that go to 0.01gm. Currently I have an Audioquest dry record brush and like it, but wonder if there is a more effective one out there; I have no static-removing devices like the Furutech Destat or Milty Zerostat, and I use the Steve Blinn Designs stylus gauge which seems great, but only goes out to 0.1gm. Have any members tried the Mapleshade Phonophile brush (with stainless steel bristles!), or their Ionoblast device, or their Phonophile Nuance Tracking Force Scale?

Thanks in advance!