Vinyl?? Are there alternative materials to press recordings??

Today, I opened a  brand new sealed new LP  on a Tacet label (L-163) of Vivaldi's Four Seasons. It was recommended  by  a distributor in Germany who told me to check with Elusive disc. 

However, I played the opening track and there was no appreciable surface noise but shortly there after some intermittent pops and clicks began occurring. Bearable for side one.  Playing side two, there were more pops and clicks, and one or two loud pops.

OK, I know the litany.  "You expect perfection, just lay back and enjoy the music"  or..... "did you clean the LP before play??) ( yes, I first used a HUNT brushed it, applied a Mobile Fidelity liquid record cleaner and cleaned it) "Did you clean and check the cartridge, and tracking force?)  (YES AGAIN). The German distributor claimed they had sold 2000 copies of this particular label and recording.  The overall sound and performance are very good

My question is: has there ever been attempts  to employ other materials than vinyl to press recording that are more durable and less likely to develop pops, clicks, and surface noise even with extensive plays.

I don't think I am being picky especially since the cost of the LP is $29.00 plus 5.50 shipping( $ 34.50)  More importantly, THIS WAS A BRAND NEW RECORDING,  and the pressing was no testament to either the so-called analog renaissance and  euphonic joys of  the vinyl  LP 

I am sure this thread will cause a firestorm    Good!!!  Bring it on !        



Good vinyl pressing in mint condition has no pops or clicks unless you got static along the way. Just because the record is new does not mean automatically that it is mint. It should be but not always so. I had this too with some new records.
I understand, your cleaning routine does not include wet vacuuming.

inna,  Thank for the response. Ironically  Stereophile writer Robert Baird  addressed this same problem in the September issue on page 130. It is very informative about the pressing of vinyl LP's . Mobile Fidelity is about to issue something called.... "UltraDisc One-Step"  or "UD1S" it will be 180mg and spin at 45rpm 

The first LP release will be Santana's "Abraxas" with Deluxe packaging with booklets and photos.  Retail price will be $99.00   That is not chunk change   Check out the article, if you get a chance 

Sunnyjim, I stopped buying reissues and just stick to originals, mostly Japanese but also a few German and American from 60s.
180g does not automatically give any advantage.
I always thought that the vinyl formulation for the original MFSL was superior to anything since.

Why isn't this shared now? Why isn't there a "best" vinyl formulation that could be used for "all" pressings that is STANDARD? This should be a benefit to everyone in the vinyl recording industry.
I will say that over the past couple of years, the look, the feel and the sound of the vinyl that MOV uses has consistently impressed me.