Viper Zitron versus MIT Oracle AClll

I'm using the AClll and like it; but, always trying to improve. Any comments? Thanks
I'm using a pair of Vipers as we speak. They are intended for my preamp and CDP and have excelled, but could not resist trying them for amp duty. They are just as good with a higher load as with the lower. Super low noise floor with great focus from bottom to top. No offense to the MIT's they make good products but IMO no other company does power like Shunyata.
I have tried a few other respected brands, (not MIT), with good results. After trying the Shunyata cords from the lower levels until the Zitrons there is no need to try any other.
I apologize. I wasn't clear.
Has anyone compared the 2 cords in question and therefore can make a comparison? Thanks.
In the past I owned the more expensive MIT AC cords. To be unnest there are enough better ones for the money these days. Listen to the best Purist Audio Design has to offer. Compare it and you understand why they are so much better.
Please Zitron guys and MIT guys I need more feedback. More must have ex;perimented--thats what AUDIOPHILES do; no???