Vision Acoustics Soloist Monitors

Anyone familiar with these speakers designed by David Powers ?
Any information welcome...
Thank you.
You must have gotten in the way-back machine to come up with these....

If my memory serves me:
Made in Australia about 11-12 years ago and not very well reviewed in Stereophile.
Hello Jont
I've heard these speakers are exceptional and I am looking for a pair. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find printed info about them. Vision Acoustics was based in Denver, Colorado and I believe the speakers waere made in the U.S.
Thank you for your feedback.
Anyone heard these speakers? How they work with a tube amp? What sound?

Thank you
I was involved with David Powers in the Vision Acoustics project in the early 1990s. We sold a total of about 80 pairs and received a very positive review from Neil Gader in the Absolute Sound, Issue 91 on page 127.
The cabinets were sourced from a cabinet shop in Benicia, California which also made the NHT cabinets at the time. The 8 inch woofers were SEAS or Scanspeak (can't remember now) and the mysterious tweeter under the dustcap in the center of the woofer was a piezoelectric from Motorola. David designed the crossovers himself and voiced the design using Roger Modjeski's RM-5 preamp and RM-9 amplifier so, yes, they worked well with tubes. As they were sealed cabinets, you needed some power. At that time the SET movement was just getting underway. I was contacted by Harvey Rosenberg, Herb Reichert and Don Garber about mating their amps with our speakers but a few watts was not enough unfortunately.
We had our run but ultimately split up and I know David came up with a very sophisticated looking cabinet and a new partner soon afterward. I don't know much about his success beyond that point. I do believe he is still in the Denver area.
As for speakers, placing a "wanted" ad might be your best bet. I no longer have any.
Thank you for the info! ! I bought Vision Acoustics Soloist. Sound like very much, but it is strange that the right and left speakers have different crossovers on tweeters. In one connected directly and the second via some crossover.
I will be glad of any information about David, may be email, skype.

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