VITUS Ri-101 & NAIM uniti Nova no louder, WHAT AM I MISSING?

Greeting audio Gurus from the Left coast!

I Recently got a Naim Unity NOVA  (80 Wpc) 
realy realy love the sound and operation/ convenience of this heavy little gem! 

HOWEVER (of course) .. I find myself listening regularly at an average of  %50 on the volume dial!! and when I really get into some tunes I'm up near %70 ish!!! on the dial.. if i realy really get into it I think I am in danger of maxing it out and sound deterioration.  and loosing any headroom or reserve power.

SOOooo... wanting much more power, volume, headroom and reserve power, I found a good deal on a Vitus RI-101 integrated. (300 wpc @ 8ohm, 600 4ohm,  Class "A" up to 12 wpc) Good unit! 

Now with everything hooked up and configured correctly (I THINK), Sound is definantly  "better" BUT why am I still listening at the same 50% ish volume levels?  and still want to crank it up to the previous 60- 70% levels?? 

All level are about 60- 75 DB average on sound level app
and using HSU VTF sub @ low levels

The Vitus I think is in bypass (volume locked out @ 0.0 )
connected Via RCA's (no balanced xlr on the Naim)
I don't believe I am getting the full power of this amp, and missing "something" but i cant figure it out on my own,   
WHAT an I missing?

Thank you for any assistance! 
*like how I use PARAGRAPHS" heheh J/K*



My source is just a Naim unity Nova (no adjustable output (that i know of or can find) other thAn the Volume....
the Amp section is beiin g bypassed and fed directly to the Vitus... (300 wpc @ 8 Ohm) so it should be mind blowing loud at the same volume position?

The volume control taper (how much output at a given position) can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer and this has nothing to do with how much output the amp is capable of delivering and the level of distortion at that level. A control that requires you to use a lot of its range of travel will be more easy to make small changes.  

luckily my amp volume incriments are adjustable for each "click" 
every push of the volume up or down makes a click relay sound.. but I can thang the ammount of DB each click makes.


  What streaming service are you using?  Are you using an app on your phone or tablet/ iPad to operate the built in streamer?  The reason I ask, is my streamer is a Bluesound Node. I use Qobuz.  Thru the app on my phone, there is volume control.   I’m not familiar with the Niam , but is that a possibility? 

Hard to explain.. sory
I use the Naim DAC/ Streamer all in one unit as the control.. it does not let me adjust anything but the volume output (no numerical display) just relative knob.

The integrated amp has numerical volume display and set fixed mode to +4 out of +8 (vol control locked out)
Soo I dont gave the physical ability to do anything to the Naim source but turn it up.