Vitus SS-101 Integrated Amplifier Review

Category: Amplifiers

Vitus is the sound of silence with great sense of ease, liquidity (absolute grain free texture) and harmonic integrity that help me to be relax in long listening term. It’s so pure and absolutely free from grain in both micro and macro scale with ability to producing natural decay of instruments.
It’s sound is beautiful and elegance.
After sense of emotion the most important factor of vitus is it’s harmonic integrity that do not give us illusion of hyper detail, it give us an integrated sound in three octave (bass , mid, high) that some say it give us sense of continuousness.
Check this link about resolution vs detail:
Vitus has great resolution but in a regular manner not exaggerated and unnatural.
Vitus third important factor is control of complex bad drive speaker load with great sense of ease, flow and timing.
Most today speakers are low impedance with complex load and Vitus is quite stable in controlling these speakers.
It seems that vitus is better than high class solidstate amplifiers in terms of hifi parameters like neutrality, high frequency extension , separation and timing.
It’s high is extended but with great sense of integration with other part’s of frequency and it’s high is very natural and pure, it’s texture was not metallic or hard.
In some times me and my friend Mr.Armen Alexandrian had the sense of there is no amplifier in audio chain.
It had no sound and never changed our focus on music to it’s sound parameters and despite many amplifiers it’s sound was not exaggerated or impressive and may be many beginner audiophiles at first view think vitus sound is not as good as other impressive designs.
In my idea natural sound is not impressive and vitus is the most natural solidstate amplifier I have ever heard.
Vitus is not dark, it’s transparent with good micro dynamic (Vibrant) that make sound alive and juicy.
Vitus is not sweet like many solidstates (like Accuphase and general Mark levinson products) that try to exaggerated this sense but it was pure and music has it’s natural warmness.
Vitus is not bright but when we turn up volume over standard and it start to clip the signal the first character start to change the sound is the high.
Vitus is dynamic in macro but you do not sense it because it’s not exaggerated or mechanical and the best word to describe it’s sound is “It’s natural and emotional, like music”.
Decay of instruments with vitus remains me sound of audio note Ankoru and Vitus is the first solidstate amplifiers that come close to top SET amplifiers like Audio note Ankoru but all of us know that no solidstate can give use emotion, decay and bloom of good Single ended amplifiers like Audio note Ankoru.
In my idea Vitus is the best option for how have modern current hungry loudspeakers and can not use single ended triodes but they want hear emotion of music without loosing control, bass, neutrality and extension.

Amir Hossein Akbari