Viva Audio Pre-amp Owners ( LF2 or LF1) Anyone familiar with or using one of these units?

Is anyone here an owner of a Viva Audio LF2 or LF1 Preamp?
The brand,while known to some in very niche circles is short on info for their products ( even on their own website) beautiful pictures and some nice marketing blurbs but void of any detailed data about their units and features.

I'm aware that the current version of their base model pre-amp , the LF2,  has a phono stage but there's nothing indicating if it's MM or MC,   The previous unit  , dubbed the LF1  has the same feature set , but was outfitted with (4
(4) × 6N1Pi  and  (2) × 6C45Pi  whereas the current LF2 uses (2) × 6N1Pi and  (2) × 6C45Pi   nothing is noted about the changes between these models in fact there is no historical data for any prior units they've made.

 Viva publishes very little about the features of their components except to mention that a function or feature exists IE: There is a second " Filtered output"  but no mention of what frequency it's operating from.  It's very vague all around.
 Perhaps the idea is to provide just enough information to drive prospective customers to visit a dealer ( of which there are only 3 in the entire USA) .  We live in an age of information where consumers want to go in knowing as much about the product prior to visiting a dealer, so Viva's lack of information seems odd,  particularly when many manufacturers are providing plenty of details , manuals, photos, videos etc  about current and even discontinued products.

In any case , pardon my rambling.  I'd prefer to not pester their dealers with questions since I'm not a prospective buyer.  I am, however,  looking to get some additional  info (feature explanation, functions etc) about either of these units. Perhaps some folks here can provide some of the missing info that Viva's marketing hasn't provided.  Any LF1 or LF2 owners here? :)