VMPS RM2 or Eminent Technology V111a???

Ok I want to thank everyone for thoughts in past posts, my choices are bwtween VMPS RM2 and Eminent Technology,

Can I get some thoughts on pro's and con's on each of these in an effort to finalize my choice, I cant demo either, no dealers 2 States away, plus a disability adds to the importance of choice as I will be keeping these for years to come, no upgrades on SSI, so thanks very much and I hope to put this to rest....I hope.
Did some looking at the VMPS speaker on an enthusiastic review. There may be some concerns with them regarding you physical conditions.
Here is an exerpt from a review:

The biggest difference, and the one that makes all the difference, is the "tuning" and setup necessary to make speakers work properly. It doesn't sound like much-adjustable woofer damping and separate level pots for the midrange ribbon and the tweeters-but in the end, the only way to get optimum performance from these speakers is to be patient and willing to spend hours, maybe even days, tweaking the setup until it sounds just right. Brian Cheney flew to sunny Southern California to show me how the setup process works, and it took us about four hours to get the system singing happily. Having re-tuned them several times since, I'm confident that careful and patient listeners can do this themselves, but I'm also pretty sure it will take most non-Brian Cheney people a lot longer.
Also, these were the only speakers in this review that I feel really need to be bi-amped.(end exerpt)

This reviewer said that one has to get into the back of the speaker and adjust "putty" on the inside of the cabinet to get the bass just right. Here is another exerpt:

But you have to work really hard to get this bass response. Adjusting bass damping consists of getting on your knees and reaching into the slot at the bottom of the cabinet to remove itty little bits of putty to reduce the damping until it sounds right. Of course, you have to overshoot and take too much out to realize when you've reached that magic damping mass-and then you reach in and put a little bit back. We're talking scraping just a pinch with your fingernail here, a tenth of a gram or less, to really fine-tune it. Make any changes in your system (positioning or bass amp), and you have to do it again. Seriously.

This is a lot of work, but well worth it in the end. Otherwise these speakers can turn into "highly colored boom boxes."

Of course, once you're done with all that, you have to adjust the midrange and tweeter levels again. Figure another bit of time to do it right. And if you change anything in the system-yap, you know what's coming. (end exerpt)

To me this sounds pretty challenging to get optimum sound. I frankly would not want to mess with it. First "optimizing" bass, then the midrange, etc. It may be fantastic, but also sounds like a fantastic issue to deal with.

I know from my own experience that the Eminents are highly forgiving of placement near walls. I have one pair about 14" from the side walls. Bruce Thigpen, the designer, said that side reflections should not be a huge issue, and he was right, they aren't.

It certianly does sound like the VMPS are impressive speakers! I would love to hear them sometime. It would be interesting to hear planar drivers in a cabinet. I just thought I'd point out this issue of "tuning" them in case you hadn't seen it.

On the other hand, the Eminents need to be assembled, which can be done by one person, but is not easy. So, either way, you may need someone to do setup for you. It sounds like setup is a bit more straight forward with the Eminents.

Here is the link to the article:

Sorry, Chadnliz, I was assuming a physical/wheelchair-type disability. I may be way off...
No need to clarify for me. Hope the info I posted is helpful.
Thanks Doug, we seem to always get on same posts, Brian explaineed tuning to me on phone, but if I give him detailed info and pics, they do tune them for you prior to shipping to get it close. The ET'S are still in the running, just between these two now, as for my condition, I can always get a friend to help. Putting ET'S together or tuning VMPS would both involve two sets of hands and ears in my opinion anyway, I started with the VMPS because of placement and bass issues, I might just be clouding the water with chouces but atleast I think for now we are down to these two great speakers...thanks again Doug
The VMPS RM2's once set up don't need it again. It's not nearly as hard as many people have made it. It's kind of a dual edged sword but once you have the control the VMPS speakers offer you'll wonder how you could own speakers that didn't, at least I have. You should go through the owner list on the VMPS forum at audiocircle and maybe you can audition some before you buy. Being the newest dealer for Brian, about a month now, I'm eager to help people as I know for a fact these are of the best buys in speakers. I've not heard the Eminent Technologies but find I like the sound of planar/electrostatic type speakers as they sound more real than cones I've heard. If I can help you in any way let me know or call Brian, he's always helpful and patient. I can assure you the RM2's don't need a sub either but the final call has to be yours. There's some RM 40's on sale here on Agon for a very good price, RM2 territory. I'm surprised they've lasted this long. Good luck on your speaker search.
Boy, this is getting tough to decide. and now throw in the Newform 645. all seem to be great speakers. all of these 3 companies have helpful, polite and very nice guys to talk to.
The Eminent is starting to get a bit eclipsed by the VMPS RM2, but at $1000 more the ET'S are still heavy on the mind, Doug is right about tuning them, but tuning a VMPS sounds like it would be not too hard and rewarding in the end, afterall we like playing with our gear right?
The VMPS just seems to be better to fit to a room then the Eminent, and deeper bass is a plus, I have talked to 3 people about the RM2 and none use a sub, none of the 3 I am considering can say that except for VMPS. For price Eminent Technology seems to be best, but for a little bit more money may come in second to the VMPS on performance and all around sound......THE MISSION DRAGS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now enter the Newforms huge Vertical sweet spot and its a all out dog fight! weeeeheew gotta love up-grades!
Not to worry about performing any but the smallest adjustment to your VMPS passive radiator.

Brian now "pre-tunes" the passives in his sound room before shipping. Very little, if any, further adjustment is needed.

VMPS dealer