Voice regognition remote?

Does anyone know of a universal programmable voice regognition remote that works with tvs and satellite boxes?
I think if you could just push the same button and just say channel 200 or CNN it would be easier. Especially with all the channels to remember. I know there was one that was sold in England called voice me I think. I will bet that within a year or two satellite TV will have one if they can get it to work acceptably,
Mother born in 1936. I thought this would be a good mother's day present as she is not very electronically incline. All the best.
Great idea for a present for moms....I'll bet she'll get a kick out of it if you find one.
You shouldn't have to press a button to activate speech recognition. It should have pretty robust recognition of a code word. Versions of the technology are used for word spotting in which the system "listens" for specific words or phrases, often in noisy channels. IIRC, TI was the main player in developing word spotting. Most of the cites supported by DARPA concentrated on speaker independent recognition of continuous speech, which transitioned into spoken language understanding systems that incorporate language modeling and expert systems.

Somebody I spoke to made a good point that if you are watching TV or listening to music, the words to the show or song might freak out the remote. Imagine that song Jesse where a phone # is repeated all the time, 867 5309. The remote might explode.
Bobbob, I think the guy was blowing smoke. It shouldn't happen. A code word, e.g. SIRI, might be used to alert the system, but that's all.