Voltage conversion for Perreaux 350P?

Hi there,

Does anyone know how to make voltage conversions on a Perreaux 350P power amp? I have a 110v amp which I need to convert to 240v. I've been told the setup with the standby power supply means that it's not obvious how the conversion should be made. I've tried contacting Perreaux but they'd don't seem interested in replying. Can anyone help, please?


Well, actually it should be a step-UP transformer, but these are generally inefficient and ruin the sound. The Perreaux people in NZ say, that such a conversion could be done, but only through qualified personel. This often entails the un- and the resoldering of leads on the transformer, but need not necessarily be the case. Perhaps you could unplug the amp, wait a while until the big caps have discharged, open the case and look inside if there is a switch of some sort for this or better still, take the amp to a good tech. At any rate, according to the literature of the manufacturer, this conversion, as you plan it, is possible.
If you have 240v and want to use it with a 110v unit, you need to step down the voltage. It also looks like it would improve the isolation from the main and if anything improve the sound. I guess I could be wrong.