Von Schweikert VR4 JR and Krell 400xi?

I have heard so much about the VRs and was about to buy a used set but alas, during my due dilegence on the web, found someone stating that the Krell I own and the VR would be a bad match.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Should I be looking into a different speaker selection? Thanks,

While I am not a big fan of Krell amplifiers (sorry), they will match quite well with the Von Schweikert VR4Jrs. The VR4jrs are very musical and full sounding and the Krells will compliment them well.
Thanks for your response. I feel a bit better and will give the VRs a go. It seems either people love or hate Krell with little ground inbetween.
I think you can get away with that combo....

I have a friend whose VR4jr actually sound good, he uses a PS Audio amp.

I also went to the dealer where I heard the VR4jr ran by DK hybrid amp and I did not like it at all.

Let us know how the Krell matches with the VR4jr.

Having a pair of the VR4 JRs. I can only say if you have a chance to own a pair go for it. Whether SS or tube I love them. You may well find yourself wanting to keep the speakers long after you may want to try various other amps.
Glen. happy listening.
I drive my VR4jrs with a Krell KRC HR pre-amp & FPB300c power amps. Sound is great, balanced tonally, 3D, airy with good bass (after loading with metallised sand - I wanted to avoid lead). I am not familiar with the 400xi but suspect that it may be less mellow than the FPB300c. One thing, you will find the VR4jr will handle much better amps than the 400xi. It really is an excellent speaker, and fantastic value.
Hope this helps.
Well Ive owned VR-4IIISE and Vr-8. Krell to me was Not a good choice compared to good tube amplification. Period.
This was ksa 250 And Mda300. Maybe the newer models are better but id listen before purchase.