Von Schweikert VR4jr or Tyler Lynbrook system II

Considering these two speakers. I have know way to audition either speaker system. I listen to all types of music and like to play it loud on occasions. My electronics consists of a Sony 9000es dvd/cd player, McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe and an Outlaw pre/pro. My room is quite large and I will be about 9 feet away from the speakers. They will need to be close the wall behind them, however no side walls. Thanks for any reponses. Other speakers choices welcome...

Others considered
VR2- not sure of dynamics and slam
Thiel 3.6- difficult to drive
Dunlavy sc4 - very large and only 1 sweet spot.
I have the VR2s and you must remember that all VRs have the rear ambient speaker so they won't work good close to a rear wall. You could turn the rear spkr off/down but then you would loose that aspect of the VR sound.
Well, I definitely preferred the Tylers to the 4JRs, but the they can be somewhat finicky on electronics as they are very revealing speakers... I have tried the Outlaw pre-pro with Tylers before (Linbrook System (original)), and it was not a good fit, IMO as it tended to make the Tylers sound flat compared to what I know they are capable of (it may sound good enough to someone who has not heard them at their best, but once you have, it is hard to go back). I personally would recommend a different pre/pro if going with the Linbrook System II. I can't speak to the 4JRs with the Outlaw pre/pro though, as I heard them on different electronics.

How close is idea. I think I can have the speakers about 12 to 16 inches away. Do they need to be further away?
I have the VR4jr, and they in a word are musical. Be it SS or tubes driving them. Amp wise I have a 45 watt integrated tube amp, or employ a 100 watt SS amp. They can benefit from more power but don't need it. They can play loudly and sound great even at low level as well. One can't always blast the house away. And you don't have to be right in the center to enjoy listening. Presently I have the speakers about a foot away from the back wall. The rear tweeter control of course can be adjusted which helps in placement and sound according to your taste and room conditions. I have not heard the Tyler's, but feel you can not go wrong with the VSA VR4jr's.
I have both the VR2 and Linbrook signature 2 piece system. I agree with Cford, you need more than 12" if you want the VR4 to sing. They are designed with rear ambiance tweeter and they are there for a reason. Turning the ambiance tweeter down or off, you will loose some of the characteristics sound known for VSA line of speakers. Linbrook are front ported and i think its a better choice for your setup. My Linbrook Signature 2 piece is rear ported and connected to Anthem AVM30 for HT and Blue Circle BC3 for 2 channel, i have a pair of H20 biamping my speakers. Hope this helps.