voodoo kitten.... i have your attention. 12v amp switch.

So a while back I purchased a Jaton Operetta 5 channel amp from Jaton Corp on this site. I must say it sounds fantastic, it is running my living room 5.1 minus the 1 obviously. I love it but.... every time I turn on all of my components via logitech harmony, I have to get up and turn on the amp. I also run a Theta Casa Nova pre/pro which has 12v dc programmable outputs. Sooooo... PROBLEM SOLVED! I have searched and found 12v trigger outlets and power strips. BUT they are all expensive (for what they are) and POP when turned on. So I built this little diddy. Similar to a XANTECH AC1 Controlled AC Outlet and other similar items, except mine is fully solid state so that there are no amplifier pops upon turn on, using OFC copper, Silver soldered connections and Furutech terminations, US 3 prong to IEC C13 (for the amp).

Long story short I have built a Hi Fidelity 12v triggered 120v switch that will withstand up to 40 amp service using high quality materials for what the other companies build from pinball machine parts that click and pop.

Not necessarily starting a business or anything, but I can build these if anyone is interested. As the title states, I’m calling this sweet piece of HiFi preserving electronics the VooDooKitty (don’t ask) (or do its a decent story). Obviously I can make these with any terminations or wire requested at any length. i’ll even sprinkle striper glitter inside if it makes your room sound better!

i’d post pictures but my photobucket is under maintenance. I will post when back up.