Voxative Hagan

These are interesting looking speakers.  Full range w/wizzer cone. 


Any more info?


Full range with the exception of the top end and the bottom octaves. This speaker is very much a bookshelf equivalent.
The  next one up is very good  with the 8 inch driver is much more versatile 
and dynamic . I heard it with a JL audio 10 subwoofer and it rounded very seamless and detailed  with no Xover  very pure you can get a pr for under $8k
and being over 95 db efficient  any good quality amplifier would be fine. 
Keithr, yes, very much. Unfortunately though, they are now in a much smaller space in Colorado. Listed them for sale but I'll keep them rather than firesale them. They are truly extraordinary. You still on the Dartzeel wagon?
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