VPI-19 feet

My Mk III I love. Really have no choice, considering the investment; but when I look down at those stock feet, I wince. I have the unit sitting on a board salvaged from one of those sand box devices, on top of some squashed vibrapods.

Suggestions on improving the stock foot situation of the 19 appreciated.

I got rid of the stock feet on my HW-19 Mk4 and replaced them with the cones made for the VPI HW-19 that are available from Audio Advisor. The cones I am referring to have threaded shafts that screw into the turntable base where the stock feet were. They sell for about $20 for a set of 4 -- don't bother with the cones that cost 2-3 times as much.
I have an Aries Extended; and am also not happy with the stock cones arrangement. would this (or something else) work here as well?
I replaced the stock feet on my VPI mk4 with BDR mk4 cones. I also had J D Casser at Black Diamond grind down a set of mk 4 cones so tht the tip is gone. I replaced the plastic caps that come on the 4 springs with the cones, so that the plinth sets on the cones. The difference was dramatic! I know that sprung TT's are supposed to be very warm and lush, but after doing this, my TT is very dynamic and detailed.
I use the threaded aluminum cones in place of the stock rubber feet. Cones rest on brass Audio Points pucks, sitting atop a Black Diamond shelf. Black Diamond shelf sits atop an Arcici Airhead. Have not experimented with other combo's (admittedly I should) but this setup is doing a nice job.
I've decided to go with the brass feet from Audio Points.

The VPI-19's stock feet are a thread size of 10-32, a 3/16" screw size. The Audio Point model for this is the 1.0AP-F, $20 ea.

My 19 uses a pressed in steel T-nut for the feet. I'm giving thought to dusting those, and going with an upsized brass insert - at least a 1/4-20. That way, I'll have a larger screw, and brass-on-brass...
The cones are HORRIBLE once you know what the VPI can sound like (or not sound like). I still use the stock feet but have a Townsend Seismic Sink under them, totally removing the vibration problem. This setup includes the VPI IV modified, SME IV modified, SAMA, Lyra Beta all on a 3/4" slab of granite in a rigid steel frame stand. The cones transmitted or reflected back the vibration with the stock feet do not. DO NOT USE THESE CONES. I robbed myself of good sound for several years with them.
Mr Fleschler that's very interesting, however I do have trouble understanding something about your setup. With a seismic sink under the TT footers, what functions do the granite slab & steel stand serve? It seems like the Townsend would isolate everything below it (the granite & stand) from the turntable's base so effectively that it wouldn't seem to matter very much what the seismic sink was resting on top of? What am I missing here --- anyone?
Dear Bob Bundus, I purchased the stands prior to the seimic sink. The stands (and equipment) are 20 feet from the speakers in a 25' deep room with an alcove of 8' X 6' for equipment in the back. The stands did not do it for me. The seismic sink does.
For every rig, there's an opinion.

Based on an extremely limited audition, the Audio Points were neither "HORRIBLE" nor were they spectacular. Things sounded pretty much the same. The designer had told me that it takes a week before they settle in to their respective proctective discs.

I'd suspect any changes/improvements will be of the subtle variety...