VPI Aries and Tesla Apex cables create a buzz

I just bought a pair of Synergistic Research Tesla Apex cables. They work fine with my CD player and improve the sound but when I tried them on my VPI Aries turntable I pick up a buzz. If I plug the module in the wall the buzz gets much louder. I have the turntable grounded to my Joule LAP 150 preamp. I am currently using unshielded cables now without any problems. Any ideas?
I assume you used Tesla Apex as phono cable from Aries to phono pre when you got the buzz. Active shielding circuit probably cause that. SR does not recommend its active shielding cable for phono as current going through active shielding circuit is much higher than actual current created by the phono cartridge. That's why SR make non active tricon phono cable (very good cable as well at significantly lower price than Apex).
I guess I will look for a non active Tricon phono cable on Audiogon and use the Apex on my CD player.