VPI counterweight

I am planning on purchasing a VPI Prime Scout turntable. I intend to have the dealer install my vintage Koetsu Pro IV cartridge. I believe it weighs 9-9.5 grams, but maybe more? Do I need a heavier than stock counterweight, such as the 160 gram version?
I have a VPI Aries2/JMW 10.5 arm with a Lyra Delos cartridge, which weighs in at 7.3 g. I am quite sure you won’t need any additional weight on the arm because I still have quite a bit of tail left on my arm to extend the counterweight out to accommodate a heavier cartridge.

Of course you can always give VPI a ring and they'll be happy to answer your question if in doubt.
There are those who believe that a heavier weight placed closer to the pivot improves performance.  When you finally see your set-up, you might consult with VPI (or their forum) for a suggestion.
If you do, save money and put on a dot of blu-tak, preferably on the bottom of your existing counterweight.