VPI Scout - Cartridge Issues

I'm the proud owner of a new VPI Scout.
I was planning on using my Denon DL-160 and saving the expense of a new cart, for now. Unfortunately, looks like the 160 just doesn't weigh enough. Can't get adequate tracking force on the cart even with counterweight set all the way in. Sure enough VPI recommends carts of 7 to 13 grams and the 160 is 4.8 + 1 or so for the extra silver panel that came with the cartridge. So unless I have something radically messed up in the set-up, which I really don't think is the case - I'm looking for a new cart.

I want to keep my budget around $300 - probably will upgrade later, but need to keep price down at this point. In that range: Ortofon 2M Bronze, AT150MLX (both these are listed higher but can be had for $300), Sumiko Blue Point II, Nagota MP-200 and various others.

Opinions on carts with 7+ grams mass in this price range?
Needs to be MM or high output MC - going into MM phono stage of a vintage Pioneer receiver (which I absolutely adore). I listen to rock 70% and classical 30%. I love the sound of the DL-160 and want something that will give me at least the equivalent level of performance.
You might also consider an Ortofon 2M Red at about $100. Both the cartridge mass and output are in the right range for your situation and the nice thing about that option is that the money you save will cut down on your wait time for a better cartridge--and if it turns out that you just can't live with the Red, your wallet won't take much of a hit. I spent some time with a Scoutmaster-JMW9-2MRed combination and thought it sounded great.

VPI makes a 3 gram weight for lighter cartridges. I believe it is around 15.00. That will enable you to use your Denon cartridge.
I use a Denon 110 on the Scout I have set up for demo and it works fine. I think they are essentially the same cartridge. My counterweight is not set all that close to the pivot. If it is too light look for one of the lead weights that use to come with cartridges, they are surly obtainable somewhere, I have one or two in my odds and ends drawer. If desperate you can blutak a penny to the top of the headshell. Crude but effective. I would email VPI about it.
I've used the penny solution before and it does work. Yes, Harry does charge $15 for a penny. This man has no shame. Perhaps he should provide it free, good will is priceless.
Check out my virtual system for info on how I solved my Denon cartridge mass problem.