VPI SDS blinking display

I have a TNT reference III turntable from 1999 and the motor suddenly became slow and the SDS could not be adjusted for accurate speed. The motor failed. As it happened before. I replaced the motor with a spare that I purchased for a backup. I reconnected the SDS speed controller and the display blinked off and on.and the up and down speed adjustment and 45 and 33 switch did not function at all. Is the SDS broken? Has any SDS user experienced this malfunction?


You can test whether the motor works by plugging it directly into the wall, where of course you'll be stuck at 33 1/3. The SDS does have a known "failure mode" for which Steve at VAS Audio has a preventative mod. He can probably repair it for you, too.

Have you lubed the motor and platter bearing? They do it require it every so often.

I have done all that!

Replaced the motor, run directly off the wall, done maintenance.

Did I accidentally put the SDS into calibration mode?

I have a spare SDS that is NOS.

I may just throw the SDS in the trash.

I have used the SDS since 1998, with no problems.

Does VPI even fix the SDS? It was replaced years ago.