VTL integrated amp and exaSound DAC remote controls

My VTL IT-85 integrated amp was supplied with a rather modest remote that controls volume and muting, which are all the functions I need. But I recently acquired an exaSound e32 Mk II DAC, which comes with a beautiful little silver remote made by Apple that controls most of its functions. I would like to re-program the Apple/exaSound remote to also do volume and muting for the amp.

VTL doesn't provide any remote code info in their owner's manual, nor can I find anything on line about how to educate the Apple remote. I presume, or hope, it has the ability to "learn" codes from other devices by pointing them at each other.

Anybody got any ideas? 
I kinda had the same problem, I used a completely different remote for both. Worked out better for me.. I still have it somewhere. One was lost on a Mac and a VTL was the other remote. 35-45 usd

It was a point, shoot, remember, thing. 

Another option, ay...

As far as I know Apple has made only two remotes, the slim silver one with black buttons that came with Apple TV devices and the Siri remote that adds voice control. Neither are programmable (again, as far as I know.) You should contact Apple support to confirm, though.