VU Meter Needle Dead or Just Lying There? Fixable?

Greetings All,

I have a McIntosh MA6900 Integrated Amp & the needle on the right VU db Power Output Meter just stopped moving, and is sitting at the far left in the off 0 postition.

I have tapped it lightly a few times all around the area of the meter-top/bottom/sides/front etc but nothing, no movement. Have also turned teh unit off & on a few times no effect.

The lights on the meter are on fully lit just like the left vu meter [which is fully functional] and the signal out of the right channel speaker is fine, just no needle movement.

Unit is just a little over 3-1/2 yrs old, bought new, out of warrranty now. Seems like this is too soon for something like this to occur/breakdown.

Is this a little/big problem to fix ie: can it be done by myself by taking of the front panel or is there a rather more problematic solution to fixing it? Is it reeally dead & needs replacing or maybe loose or stuck somehow & needs to be given a tick from the inside?

Also the left Power Guard LED stays on after they both briefly light after the amps Power Guard ciruts activates [power on], they are both supposed to go off immediately but the left one is on but a dim red. All else seems to be ok, sound both channels etc. no other noticable adverse side effects. Very annoying tho.

Any helpful suggestions on fixing/repairing [on my own cheaply or otherwise] these 2 frustrating & troublesome problems.

Thx in advance for your help.

Regards ... T
Call or email Terry deWick and he can probably diagnose the problem and recommend the best course of action including anything you could try yourself before actually taking it to a Mac repair person such as Terry himself. He is very friendly and helpful.
Hi T

I was talking with Terry this AM. He said that unit has been problem-free. He thinks it might just be a loose ribbon cable or other cable going to the front panel. Says you should open it up and check. Then give him a call if you can't find anything obvious (while the unit is still open, of course ;-)
Greetings Nsgarch,

Thx again for your timely & considerate help, very much appreciated.

Sounds like good advice, I'll see what I can see & go from there.

Thx again.

Regards ... T@CC