wadia 521 vs MSB Analog DAC

I have the Wadia 571 CD Transport and Wadia 521 DAC connected with Wadia Glass Optical cable.

considering MSB Analog DAC for high rez even though CD is my main format.

I wondr if the MSB Analog dac and Wadia 571 transport VIA XLR sound better than Wadia 521 AND wadia 571 via glass optical.
I do not have clocklink as the Wadia 521 does not havethe capability. it does not have clocklink.
If you want to get the best sound out of MSB you should get their transport (which will be connected to DAC via pro I2S). Or... Wait a bit until they release Network Renderer Input. This thing will turn any MSB DAC into digital streamer (for only $1000).

If you connect MSB Analog to your transport via XLR you won't be able to hear all DAC's abilities!
By the way, CD-quality records sound excellent with Analog DAC and I see no reason to purchase it only for Hi-Res records. If you like the way Analog plays Hi-Res I see no reason why you won't like the way it plays CDs...
Thank you Igator
will the MSB analog DAC with MSB universal media transport plus sound better than the best Wadia on red book CDS
I can answer my own question now that I bought the MSB Analog DAC and UMT V Transport sometime in 2015.     The MSB is better in every way. I’m glad I made the switch