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DAC as pre amp
Thing is you need to have the volume above 88% and set the gain on the amp to match because Wadia volume control affects resolution. I used my Wadia 521 / 571 combination direct to amp and found coloration with every preamp in the chain. Direct is... 
Anyone has a reference system where amplification is SS ?
I believe that I have a reference quality system.   Pass labs xa100.8 mono blocks.   MSB DAC.  Wilson Sasha. Aurender. Transparent audio reference cable through your.     
Real or Surreal. Do you throw accuracy out the window for "better" sound?
My analytical brain’s been driving my preference for too many years. I’m bored and not enjoying my HIFI.  Please tell me what speakers u fellas are using.    
new to streaming- help!
Don’t go back to PC.  USE Ethernet cable.  Reboot.  And u should be good to go   
I have tried many preamps including Audio Research Ref 6se and Pass Labs XP 22.   My MSB Analog DAC sounds better direct to my Pass Labs XA 100.8.   Speakers are Wilson Sasha.                     Preamp adds coloration every time. DAC direct is mo... 
Oppo media control.
Thank you all.   
Oppo media control.
Yage:   Thank you.   mConmect works well but I think it streams to UMT as in Airplay.    The original OPPO Media control app used UMT as the streaming device.  Also mConnect does not control cd player on UMT like media control   
Oppo media control.
iPhone 2 yrs.  iPad 3 years   
Focal Sopra 3 vs Wilson Audio Sasha W/P (series 1)
jo1 MTB. Thank you for your reply. I too found most Focal speakers too forward especially in the midrange.  Over time I have managed to find the best positioning for my Sasha 1.  With Pass Labs Xa100.8 , TA REF CABLES and MSB DAC I’m satisfied.   
Focal Sopra 3 vs Wilson Audio Sasha W/P (series 1)
What did you find comparing Sopra to Sasha   
I'm going to buy my first tube amp. I need honest blunt opinions
I apologise in advance as I’m drifting slightly.  My blunt response is to stay away from tubes and rather try PASS LABS .   
Am I broken? Am I stuck? Do I have to return my audiophile card now?
If you can afford the Sasha ask for home demo. I think you will not be able to return the Sasha.   Thank me later.   
Front or Back wall diffusers
Diffusers at first reflections on side walls and ceiling. Also wall behind listening position.   This works for my Sashas   
I'm thinking about a low watt tube amplifier?
I would like to think a small  amp driving a high sensitivity high impedance speaker is a threat combination.  Small amps are easy to find . Not so with matching speakers.  I do not like horns and big speakers.   I would appreciate suggestions  o... 
Tidal music subscription
My card is accepted using Apple Pay but there is a 30% surcharge.   I don’t have Qobuz in my country.