Wadia 860 output level/gain

My newly purchased Wadia 860 will only drive my amps to about 50% power. I think I found the level adjustment switches, four tiny rocker switches per channel, but am not sure they are the output level switches, and don't know how to adjust them. Any help would be appreciated.
I had a Wadia 830, and called Wadia with the same questions. On the 830, they are dip switches inside. They faxed the instructions to me. You should do the same. It was very simple.
Steve at Great Northern Sound is a great guy and I'm sure
he can walk you through the procedure. He also has some
great mods for the the 860.

you found the right switches (there should be two sets of them (as you indicated 4 per ch), side by side). call audio video research at (734) 975 4217 (that's the direct dial for their service manager). or try matt bastion at (715) 425-6000 (he joined avr from wadia). either should have a copy of the 3 page instructions to fax to you.