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Best preamp combination with Hegel H30?
My Hegel H30 is gone.  It's a great amp.  It worked beautifully with my Macintosh C1000 and also with my ARC REF6.  I am now using a Pass 350.8 amp and both preamps are great matches.   
Audio Forums, On-line Store Fronts, and the Art-of-Deception
I wonder where you got your info. You clearly have an axe to grind against someone in particular but don’t have the guts to stand behind your claims, accusations and assumptions. I’m betting that you are the shill trying to hurt someone for whatev... 
Tube amp repair recommendations - Western NY 
Music Reference RM 200 vs. Mcintosh 275 amp
Two great sounding amps. Go with the Mcintosh. Great customer service and you will not have to deal with Roger Modjeski. 
New to Analog and just played my first record in
The problem is that your $50 phono stage beats $500 phono stages, but a good $500 phono stage beats $2000 phono stages and a good $2000 phono stage beats $5000 phono stages and........You should just stick with your $1500 cd player that beats $400... 
Silliest audiophile equipment of all time?
I just ordered the "Machina dynamica Brilliant Pebbles large size" (one only) and i would like some suggestions on what speakers I should get in order to best hear the pebble. Budget is about 10K. Any help from those who have heard the pebble? Tha... 
Recommend a forward speaker
I agree %100 with Mrtennis. Be careful what you wish for. No speaker is perfect and once you get used to the forgiving, sweet, natural sound of the Parsifals, you might find that you have more problems with the change you are looking for. Of cours... 
Joan Armatrading
"Love and Affection" from her self titled first album, over thirty years ago, is just a great song and the whole album stands the test of time. 
Non classical piano based music recommendaiton
Tord Gustafsen Trio, Gonzala Rubacalba. 
Solid State Phono Preamp.
Einstein! An amazing piece. I'e been through many solid state and tube phono stages. 
Tube vs. Solid State Phono Stage
I am using an Einstein SS phono stage after being very happy with a number of tube designs. IMO, the Einstein is far and away the best all round performer. Quiet as can be, incredibly dynamic and neutral, the Einstein lets the music through withou... 
Transrotor Fat Bob S vs. VPI Aries 3
I own a Fat Bob S and have owned VPIs. IMO, the Fat Bob is better in every way, especially when it comes to ease of setup, tracking ability and quiet playback, with a black background. Imaging and musicalty are far greater also. No contest. I am u... 
EAR Acute
What was it about the build quality that you did not like? 
Amps for Vandersteen Quatro
I heard the Quatros at Goldman Audio in Ct. powered by BAT electronics and wired with Audioquest cables and the sound was fantastic. I don't know how you could do better. 
looking for the right integrated
i would recommend listening to the yba integra. i have heard it with the joseph rm 22s. i am not a fan of joseph audios, i did own a pair, but they sounded their best with the yba. imo.