Wadia 861se VS. Audio Aero Capitole MKII se

I currently own a Cap. mk I and am looking to upgrade. I think I have my choice narrowed down to these two well regarded players, as do not own a pre-amp, so whatever choice needs to have "direct to amp" capability.

Anyone heard these two CDP's side by side?

Thank you.
I heard that the latest Wadia 861se uses a special discreet output stage that is the best that they have done.As well, the se upgrade may not be available from Teac so Wadia has a limited supply of the se platters left.The 861 I heard was a GNSC modded unit that was superb mated to aCat JL2 amp and Avalon Opus speakers and VD Master wiring.This is truly a first class unit that has no romantic tendecies at all, it should eat the Aero for breakfast!!Take care Dennis
You could talk to Steve at GNSC about his mods for your present Cal mkI. He may be able to extract quite a bit more from your CDP. You'll have to do the math to figure out the best way to go.
Thanks guys.

Either of you happen to have Steve's new phonw no.? The one listed here @ 'Gon (651-436-8912) is not correct.
Try 651-762-8333. As far as recommendations of GNSC you should have no problem finding many on Audiogon. The quality of workmanship and dependability are not issues. As I mentioned before, I'd work the numbers to see which option makes most sense for you.
GNSC is at 651-762-8333,Rja is right in that Steve can do amazing things ( he did my MFA D75 and took it to a level that is shocking for a 15 year old amp).I think that if you can swing a new or used 861, you will have a front end for a long time to come.It should be modded for sure , otherwise the wadia sound a bit sterile in comparison. I think Steve's work is truly first class and sonically one of the best moders outhere.