Wadia upgrade - Levinson or Naim?

I am looking to upgrade from a Wadia 830 CD player. I really like some aspects about it, such as resolution of the fine harmonic structure of instruments, deep bass, and a strength (slam?) that refuses to let music be ignored. What I really want to be different is its tendency to highlight the upper midrange a bit. I would like something with a bit fuller upper bass?lower midrange, and a more relaxed upper midrange. Given this, if I could also get a more liquid sound and PRAT, that would put me in audio heaven. After reading as mucha as I can, the top contenders seem to be a Levinson 39 or a Naim CDX. Has anyone compared any of these 3 directly? What kind of differences between them did you hear?
You need to go to the Levinson 390S to significantly improve your sound VS. the Wadia. I had Wadia 850 and Levinson 39 and 390S. The 850 and 39 had strengths and weaknesses comparatively but the 390S was in a different league.
Why don't you give Wadia 861 CD player a try? It seems to meet all your upgrade anticipation. And, one more thing, it builds like a tank. Good luck!
Send your 830 to Great Northern Sound for reference mod package. You're not going to believe the sound improvement!
Check out the testimonies that GNSC has done for Wadia products at http://www.greatnorthernsound.com/testimony/ FYR.
I had the Levinson 37/360S combination, which I'm sure beats the 390S, and the Electrocompaniet EMC1 trounced it. And then the Wadia 861 did the same to the EMC1 (and later EMC1MKII). I'm with Jshaw1004 on this one.
I Just had my Wadia 301 upgraded by Reference Audio Mods and the imrprovement is dramatic. Great bang for the buck IMHO to upgrade through mods rather than buy/sell.

For about $650, I got the Superclock 2, a Jensen cap, and about 50 Black Gates installed. It's still breaking-in (BG's are notoriously slow), but it sounded better than stock upon first use, and it's still getting better (I'm only about half way through the 300 hour break-in period).

The improvements are many- more weight to the presentation, less digital sounding, better soundstage and timbre. Pianos now sound rich and full, with proper weight, whereas before they had a slightly glassy sound that was annoying.

Reference Audio Mods really represents a value in upgrading, IMHO, since they also sell the parts. In fact, I didn't even know about them until I was searching for the best prices on Black Gates for my amp, and another A'goner (Fiddler) recommended I check them out. Not only did they have the best prices, they also installed them for the same price. I had my amp, then my CDP modded and both were big improvements. Even in components costing twice as much as mine, you won't find BG's, Jensens and Audio Consulting silver hook-up wire inside. If you want to enjoy the benefits of that level of parts, you'll have to put them in yourself.

I never modded anything before doing my amp, but now I'm a believer. If you've got something you like, you can make it better for much less than buying a new component. And just to disclaim this, I have no connection with these guys other than as a satisfied customer who felt he got good value and great sound for the money.
Thanks for the inputs. I hadn't really considered mods that much. I checked out the GNSC web site. My concern is that the testimonials all talk about improved soundstaging, iomaging, and resolution. These are all great, but my main concern is in mellowing out / fattening up the uppper midrange. I'm not sure if I need a better Wadia, or something entirely differnent - if perhaps the Wadia sound is not a good match for my Talon Hawk loudspeakers. Everyone who talks about GNSC says how honest Steve is, so I should at lest talk to him. What are Black Gates? Are they anything like Bybee filters?
Black Gates and Jensens are high quality capacitors that are an order of magnitude better than anything you'll find used stock. The guys at Reference Audio Mods recommended the Jensens for the power supply applications, and the BG's for use elsewhere. Other people may have their favorite caps, but I think all will agree these are on the short list of excellent choices.

I understand your question, and there's not easy way to respond. But the mods made every part of my Wadia 301 sound better, including making it sound less "digital." This is just my opinion, but I've found everything that comes before the speaker, is more important to what your speaker ulitmately sounds like than the speaker itself. I've upgraded my entire system, but I'm still using the same speakers- and they just keep sounding better and better the more upstream improvements I make. I should say, however, that I'm not familiar with your Talons, so you may have a system matching problem too. Like I said, no easy answers can be given over the internet and without hearing the system.
Ive owned the 390S which is a very nice player. But it sure isnt an upgrade from ANY Wadia product. The 830 I feel is a bit thin sounding and starting to show its age.A 301 in itself is a pretty big upgrade, but I would try an 861 or an 861se if you can spring for the huge transport upgrade. 100% modular and fully upgradeable.
I have a friend who has a Levinson 39, and I have a Naim CDX2. They're really much different players in the way they present the music, and I'm actually surprised you're looking at both.

The Levinson is very crisp and clear, and I find it harsh. The Naim is relatively laid back but with an incredible sense of timing. My preference is far and away the Naim and I'm craving a CDS3, but my friend swears by his Levinson and is looking at the 390.

Have you listened to both? Why are these two in your shortlist?