Wadia WT3200 repair

Looking for the sizes of the 4 belts in the transport?  Any recommendations for repair of unit?

I have wanted a Wadia WT 2000 since I first saw one in the early 1990's. I see them come up for sale now at a fraction of the price when new. I have to remind myself that repairs are inevitable on units this old. I hope you are able to get the info and parts you need for your unit. It may not be easy. 
Hi Robert,
you can easily find those 4 belts on eBay (a german vendor whom I'm not related with at all) for around $20 shipped to you. I changed two sets in the past years on two WT3200 drives and it made them new again... You will need to operate under good light and with thin plyers and maybe 3 hands, but once you have understood how it goes it's not that difficult. An hour or so. I still have two of these but unfortunately the power PCB of both drives encountered capacitors leaking problems, not previously seen by me. When it runs out of power, it's too late, the PCB is ruined and not easy to repair because it's not easy to find the right connections for components. They are waiting on a shelf when I can spend a little time on this. Fortunately I have a Wadia 16 and a Krell Drive to survive during that time... hope that helps. ;)